Saturday, February 13, 2016


I have high expectations.  Of myself.  Of other people.  Did I mention of myself?  

I started many different methods last week and the results were disappointing at best.  I believed that I would lose a significant amount of weight in that week and I didn't.  2.2 pounds, while something, is not what I would call stellar.  

Did the plan fail?  Did I not follow it properly?  Was there some other reason?

Regardless of the reason, my expectations were not met.  At that point, I had two choices.  I could let it defeat me or I could go around.  I considered throwing out the whole program and just having a pizza.  Then the reality set in that one week does not make or break a successful program.

I did follow the plan.  I ate well and according to the Meal Plan.  I went to Zumba 4 times.  I followed the February Challenge and did those work outs as well.  I took Lean Mode pills as directed.  If anything, I didn't eat enough and my body is reacting to all the extra exercise.  There are a number of possibilities but the answer is definitely not eating like a crazy person.  So, I didn't.  I followed the plan today.  I took a day to allow my body and my mind to rest.  I reset my attitude.

Lesson of the day:  Expectations need to be managed so they don't limit your success.

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