Friday, May 23, 2014

Do what it takes to get the results you want

Lately, I have been overly concerned with the amount of excess skin and flab that I have and will probably continue to have for a while.  I read an article that suggested weight lifting as a viable option to combat some of the adverse effects of weight loss.  My first thought was: I am not a bodybuilder nor do I want to be.  It doesn't have to be that extreme though.  I would love to have the beautiful muscles that I had as a teenager.  I was buff and I will be again even if that takes having surgery.  If I can do that by lifting some heavy weights - Let's do it!  So when I get back from my mini-vacation, I am going to start the Strong Lift 5x5 program.  It's simple, straightforward and doesn't require any special skill.  Anything I can do to reduce my need for surgery I am willing to do.  I even ordered a body fat tester today so I can know what impact this is having.  I'm sure I will see it in my clothes too.

Speaking of clothes - I remember saying there is no way I will ever be under a size 10 or 12 because of my bone structure.  I was wrong.  I am in a very loose 14 right now and could go to a size 12 depending on the brand.  I still have 60 pounds to go.  Imagine what size I'll be in then!  Not complaining mind you!  It's just interesting how you can live with an idea in your head for so long that you think it's fact.  I suppose when I was a size 28 the dream of even a 10/12 seemed unattainable.  Nothing is impossible!  You just have to do make it happen.  Whatever that takes.

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